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Cator + Co was formed to help rural businesses unlock their assets to promote profitable change.

Top Barn, Salhouse
We are able to offer a unique rural property business providing consultancy, development or joint ventures with landowners. We have considerable knowledge and experience in planning, project development, project management and adding value.

We work with landowners, their advisors and the public sector in East Anglia. We believe passionately in a sustainable future for our rural economy and individually we have a successful track record of creating profitable change. We know that landowners are all endeavouring to maximise the value of their assets but we have seen how so many projects have simply failed to materialise through delays, misunderstandings, shortage of finance and lack of entrepreneurial skill.

Wherry on Salhouse Broad
We can help by providing a full consultancy service that is tailored to the requirements of the client and the project. We are also prepared to share the risks and rewards with the landowner providing them with a reduction in risk and a payment by results.

If you are looking at ways to make more out of your property assets or looking to restructure your capital base, we are always happy to discuss this in confidence. Wherever possible, we try and keep our consultancy charges to a minimum to maximise value to our clients.

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